Alternatives to Alpha

Alternatives to Alpha

When we know better we do better. It’s about time that more people knew better. More voices are helping to get the better information out there. If you still think that dogs need pack leaders, and that you must use dominance in order to live happily with your dog, this free webinar is worth every second. 

Can you let go of out-dated ideas that you may be hanging on to?

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  1. Jude Gagner on

    By dominion, not dominance, is the way we ought to lead our dogs.

    • Debbie on

      Not sure it’s much of an improvement. How about we train them using the information we have about how animals can learn without coercion?

      Debbie Jacobs

      • Jude Gagner on

        There’s no coercion with dominion. It’s all about providing proper and kindly care for them. I’m not my dogs’ boss; I am their caretaker, teacher and guide. All done with as much understanding as I know (I’m always learning.) about dog behavior and emotions. I’m the one they come to to get their needs met. My husband sits in his easy chair by the back door, but they come to me as I read in my bedroom to tell me they need to go out, etc. They know that I either understand them or will do all I can to figure out what they need. I meet their needs, as I see that as my responsibility for having dominion over them. I don’t feel that I own them; I feel privileged to share my home and life with them.

        Helping my fearful dog is my most challenging task. I’ve known deep-reaching fear and know the toll it takes on one’s body, emotions, spirit, behavior and life. I want more for her and I’ll never stop trying to help her feel more comfortable in the world in which she lives.

        If I can find an article on dominion vs. dominance that I wrote years ago for a newsletter, I’ll copy it and send it to you.

      • Debbie Jacobs on

        Thanks for the clarification. To me dominion means control over. It’s the challenge we have with words and why terms like “leader” and “coddle” can be troublesome. We each have a picture in our head as to what they mean, when the user may have a very different interpretation.

        Appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  2. leashedForLife on

    What “Free Webinar”…?

    There’s no date, no hyperlink, no website, no info on
    who will offer / host the webinar, how to sign up, zip!

    I’m confused.
    – terry

    • Debbie Jacobs on

      I used the quick post submit option on wordpress and this is what I got. The underlined title found in the upper left is the link.

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