Sunny & Seaglass

seaglassStrolling a beach who can help but be pleased to find a piece of sanded smooth seaglass?  With the sharp edges worn down to safety they are tiny treasures used to make jewelry. Bathrooms around the world contain baskets of the stuff gathered during vacations and holidays. Even with their shiny surface blurred by abrasion we rarely resist the urge to put a piece in our pocket.

As I pick up stones to toss into the lake for my dogs I set aside ones rounded to lozenge-shaped smoothness. My childhood friends and I would covet these kinds of rocks, sharing them with special friends the way teenagers now share friendship bracelets or rings. What is it about these stones that, even as an adult, I find irresistible? Why is something that was once irregular with sharp edges, more appealing now that it has been tumbled and had those edges refined?

Sunny is my seaglass. Once he might have been considered by many to be a broken shard, without Black & white dog looking quizzicalworth, destined for the trash heap. But with his edges smoothed he’s one of my most valued treasures. A rare piece of red or blue glass that has put in its time tumbling in the sand and ended up all the more beautiful for it.

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  1. Joy on

    Beautiful thank you

  2. 24 Paws of Love on

    My thoughts exactly. Couldn’t agree more. 🙂

  3. riverdogfarm on

    He’s beautiful!

    • fearfuldogs on

      I used to joke that he was lucky he was so handsome given how challenging he was to live with.

  4. rangerskat on

    What a wonderful expression of love. As a child I collected rocks that we ran through my rock tumbler. Even today I still have a few of those rocks. Having my own “seaglass dog” I found your post especially touching.

  5. Rez Dog Momma on

    Such a gorgeous analogy!
    Here’s to all our Seaglass Hounds who make us appreciate and love them for who they are.

  6. Mel on

    One of the most beautiful posts ever. Daisy is my sea glass too. I never expected her to come so far or to grow so much. She is my most precious treasure.

  7. Pat Gilmore on

    I, too, have a wonderful gift of canine sea glass. Emily Dickinson schnauzer and I have been together 16 months and have learned soooooo much from your book and your blog. She has come so far.

    Many thanks,


    • fearfuldogs on

      She’s got quite a name to live up to! I’m so glad the book and blog has been helpful.

  8. Kay Liestman on

    What a beautiful analogy.

  9. Doggy's Style on

    Great post, was not expecting the final analogy.

  10. Lynn on

    Judging from the look on Sunny’s lovely face, he thinks you’re a gem, too.

    • Debbie Jacobs on

      I’m about the only one Lynn, and I often wish it wasn’t the case!

  11. thequeenflea on

    Oh! Your Sunny looks so much like my Flash, a rescue mutt. What a beauty!

    • fearfuldogs on

      He is handsome. I’d love to see a pic of Flash. Where’s he from?

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