Hoarder update

Apparently irony is lost on Sunny’s hoarder Tammy Hanson. She is suing the sheriff’s department and others for cruel and unusual conditions she claims she was subjected to while in prison for cruelty involving dogs she had collected on her property.

Certainly jail time is not meant to inflict the same conditions on someone which they were convicted of inflicting on others. Nor is it meant to exact revenge for deeds done. It’s suppose to be punishment for a crime, with the idea being that it will serve as a deterrent to committing the same crime again the future.

After being found guilty  Tammy and her husband fled Arkansas before she could be sentenced. They were discovered 3 years later in Vermont with over 30 dogs. I’m proud that Tammy did not have anything bad to say about the treatment she received while incarcerated here in Vermont before being relocated to a jail in Baxter County.

The reality is that serving time in jail without treatment and therapy is not likely going to stop Tammy and hoarders like her. And even with that, without continued supervision, most hoarders will begin their collections again, with all the associated suffering and horror. Maybe this lawsuit will keep her busy for awhile.

You can read the article here.


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  1. dogdaz on

    It is so sad that people aren’t given proper treatment for mental illness. Instead we try to help them through a broken judicial system. Sunny is one lucky dog.

  2. Lizzie on

    I have absolutely no sympathy, for whatever the reasons.

    This woman has nothing to offer society. Did she ever think about those poor dogs suffering in unimaginable and inhumane conditions? Lock her up and throw away the key.

    Give Sunny a big hug from me x

    • Debbie Jacobs on

      I think it’s fair to say that ‘no’ she never thought about it from the dogs’ perspective.

  3. Heather on

    You make very valid points with incredible clarity. I give u props for being able to give an update without just “sounding off”.

    At present, I have my first foster who has been with me for a little over 8 months. He, and 166 others, came from a puppy mill. I can’t think of his situation with composure, so I know I couldn’t write from that point of view.

    I work in child welfare and have volunteered at our shelter. My foster comes from a BC group. I’d still want to rant and rave; yet, I know we gain nothing for it. If we can’t set it aside, the healing can get stalled out.

    Thanks for such a candid blog, sharing along your steps. A nice “nudge” to remind me the best reach for my little herding buddy.

    • fearfuldogs on

      Thanks for your feedback Heather. Typically I can find a drop of pity in me for hoarders, their dysfunction apparent. Hanson crossed a line when she attempted to take on hundreds of pitbulls for monetary gain. This put her in the league of dog traffickers and fighters IMO.

      Hoarders also put an added burden on tax payers with these lawsuits since many use court appointed lawyers to file their complaints. Not to mention the expense and distress they cause the people they list in their suits. A local hoarder has twice filed lawsuits against the humane society and anyone who was involved in the rescues of animals on her property. Some of those people were volunteers. Because of that there are people who will not get involved with anything having to do with her again, and there will be an ‘again’.

      Both she and Hanson are off the deep end but their arrogance makes pity difficult to muster.

      • Heather on

        But, i think u did show some, i guess, humanity for Hanson. You talked of treatment.

        I’d find myself sounding off on just the treatment of the animals. I’d probably be hoarse before I could comment on the law suits! 🙂

  4. Holly on

    Is it not ironic that we know punishment seldom works on dogs and yet that is what we do to people? Since our prisons are over flowing, I have to ask “so, how’s that working?”. And no, I don’t have a better answer, but the one we have is obviously not working.

  5. 2 Punk Dogs on

    The good thing about her incarceration is that it kept her from starting another hoard for a few years. The fact that she was found with another 30 dogs shows how much she needs treatment or further incarceration. Hopefully the authorities will be able to monitor her on probation to prevent her from collecting any other animals to neglect.

    • fearfuldogs on

      I thought the same things while she was in jail, at least she wasn’t collecting dogs. I don’t know what the conditions of her release were. I don’t think we’ve heard or soon the last of her.

  6. EngineerChic on

    I think that sometimes we have to accept we can’t “fix” people, and our best option is to prevent them from harming others. I know this isn’t a charitable view of life but on the other hand – don’t we have a responsibility to protect innocent people/animals from people?

    If you abuse kids, you shouldn’t be allowed near them. Ditto for animals. Now if prison is the only way to ensure you stay clear of them … well, prison it is.

    • fearfuldogs on

      Unfortunately most courts don’t see crimes against animals as being serious enough to warrant long sentences. I think Hanson got 2 years which may have been the max for her crime. But don’t quote me on that.

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