Helping fearful dogs workshop

Join me in Bow New Hampshire January 21, 2012* and learn about the most effective and humane ways to work with fearful, shy, anxious and aggressive dogs. Pet owners, trainers, shelter and vet staff, foster care providers will gain valuable information to improve their fearful dog handling skills.

The 1/2 day session will include:

  • Why dogs are afraid
  • What fear/stress looks like
  • How to interact with feral or unsocialized dogs
  • How to work with fear based behaviors
  • The use of play in the rehabilitation of fearful dogs
  • Understanding the effects of reinforcement & punishment on fearful dogs
  • What is learned helplessness?
  • Myth of reinforcing fear
  • Equipment
  • Medication

In the afternoon there will be further consideration of techniques and methods for management and training including:

  • BAT
  • Counter conditioning & desensitization
  • Cueing to minimize fearful responses
  • Creating conditioned reinforcers
  • Handling puppymill or hoarding survivors

Please leave your fearful dog at home! Demo dogs will be screened prior to the presentation to determine if they are appropriate (will be comfortable) for this setting. The methods and skills you learn here today are transferable to the dogs in your home or shelter.

CEUs will be available for CPDTs.

1/2 day $77 (morning session available as 1/2 session only)-8:30am-12:30
Full day: $105- 8:30am-5:30pm

Sponsored by No Monkey Business Dog Training.

Register here.

* Bad weather date- January 28, 2012

18 comments so far

  1. Kim on

    If only I lived closer! If you’re ever in Pennsylvania or the mid-Atlantic region, let me know!

    • fearfuldogs on

      Thanks for saying Kim. I will be sure to get the word out about my schedule. It would be nice to get down your way.

    • KellyK on

      Same here, and I’m also in the mid-Atlantic region (southern Maryland specifically).

  2. ettel on

    Wow this looks wonderful, I wish you were closer to me too! Good luck! I know it’ll be great.

  3. diana on

    sounds awesome, and if i lived anywhere near there, i’m sure i’d attend.
    best wishes for a very full enrollment (hopefully with lots of those in the business of working with dogs) and a very successful day.
    thanks also for mentioning that demo dogs will be screened for appropriateness 🙂

  4. May on

    I just found your blog days ago and was so happy to see a workshop offered that is accessible to me!

    I’m a newly certified vet tech who is interested in specializing in Behavior. I also have a fearful dog who I would be more than happy to offer as a demo dog…let me know!

    • fearfuldogs on

      It’s great that you’ll be joining us May. At some point you and I can connect off-blog to talk about your dog. And congratulations on your certification!

  5. Andie on

    This looks like a fantastic day of learning. I hope you put something similar on in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

    • fearfuldogs on

      Thanks Andie, I hope to get other soon myself!

  6. Barbara on

    I am new to this site, I wish I could go and get the info first hand, so I can help radar, My previous training class sent me to this site I am so glad to find out that I am not alone,

    • fearfuldogs on

      Sorry you can’t make it Barbara. Finding a trainer in your area who has a good foundation in reward based training and helping fearful dogs will go a long way as well.

  7. Kimber on

    I have a 5 year old Brittany that is very anxious. My vet has prescribed some meds to calm him, but didn’t like what they did to him. Made him very lethargic. So I tried a product called the Thundershirt. Seems to work pretty well up until New Years Eve. Was like WW3 around here and not even the Thundershirt seemed to help.

    • fearfuldogs on

      If you find a body wrap is helping your dog that’s great. There are different meds that can be used to help dogs suffering from anxiety. Some dogs respond better to one than another. Sometimes there’s an adjustment period while a dog’s system gets sorted out on the meds, and sometimes we need to adjust dosages. Ultimately our goal should be to lower the anxiety our dogs experience, and to keep trying to do so, however we can. Good luck with your dog, hopefully it will be quiet until July.

  8. Ramona (Kit Katzz - on facebook) on

    I would very much like to attend one of your work-shops some day : )

    • fearfuldogs on

      I hope you can too Ramona! In November I’ll be offering one in Bow NH. Not sure if that helps you any, depending on where you live.

      • Ramona (Kit Katzz) on

        I live in Providence RI ..would mapquest & see how long of a drive it is for me. I’m sure! it would be well worth the trip.

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