black & white drawing of a man spraying on deodorant Ok, so it’s getting late and as I was flipping through my catalog of clip art I came upon this image. Never in my life could I imagine ever needing to use it, and that made me want to come up with an excuse to include a black & white drawing of a man with superman hair spraying on deodorant, in a blog post. There are some other gems in this collection of 250,000 images. And I suppose that to come up with 250,000 images you may very well need to include at least one of someone spraying on deodorant.

I am drawn to how peaceful he seems, serious yet a small smile seems to be playing at the corner of his lips. Not even a smidgeon of embarrassment being drawn as a man doing what should be left to the privacy of one’s bathroom. And how about those cheek bones and that jaw! Not only is he ruggedly flawless, he cares about personal hygiene.

Could I, with any semblance of legitimacy, come up with a post about dogs that would warrant the use of this image? Give me a minute, I’m still thinking….. I could go with something about smell, dogs having much finer tuned sense of smell than we do, but I prefer metaphor. So before my hour runs out and I need to get another post up, I guess I can’t do it. How about you? Can you ‘throw me a bone’ and help me come up with ideas?

At this point they may be regretting inviting me to the party but this post was written for Blog-a-thon 2011 to help raise money for homeless animals at the Nebraska Humane Society. Click here to donate!


7 comments so far

  1. Kolchak & Jodi on

    LOL, random. I like it!

  2. Frances on

    Perhaps pair it with a picture of a dog rolling happily in something gloriously smelly like fox poo?!

  3. Lizzie on

    I’d love to hear more about Sunny in the ‘early’ days!

    • fearfuldogs on

      He was a mess, poor dog. I’ve got 3 books in the works. One about our life together, if I ever get around to actually finishing it.

  4. Shawn Finch, DVM on

    I’ve got nothing, but this is my favorite middle of the night post of Blogathon!!

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