I figured I’d start the new day, for those of you who went to bed, with a video showing fairly typical behavior for a dog who did not experience novelty as a pup. Sunny has lived in our house for 6 years. The behavior you see in this video is caused by a change in the environment. In this case a leather bag I am drying by the fire. His tolerance to changes like this has improved by early deprivation is often irreparable.

Puppies need exposure to non-threatening novelty in order to develop the resiliency to cope with all that the world will throw at them.

I am now passing the plate and inviting you to make a donation to help an animal you’ll never meet.


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  1. Mel on

    Familiar behavior for me. Both Jasper and Daisy don’t adjust well to new things being introduced in a room or outside, especially if it is something they have never seen before. Daisy acts more like Sunny and Jasper tends to bark his high pitched “The sky is falling Chicken Little!” bark.

    It just makes me realize how important those formative puppy years are to a dog. Jasper may have come to me at 9 months, but by then he had lost so much socialization time as a pup.

    Glad you shared the video.

    • fearfuldogs on

      Thanks Mel. I felt bad encouraging Sunny to check it out, which is why there is no sound, it was mainly me luring Sunny into the room with offers of going outside. But I figured after 6 years he knows me well enough to forgive me.

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