Read before operating

drawing of smiling man and woman holding tools in front of houseLocate parts and compare with diagram.

If any parts are missing or do not match the drawing contact your sales representative or service person immediately.

Assemble parts using tools provided. Do not overtighten.

Failure to follow detailed instructions could lead to injury and/or death.

At the current time recycling options for this product are limited.




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  1. Donna in VA on

    “Locate parts and compare with diagram”. This puzzled me at first but then it reminded me of something I wished for previously on another blog. I would love an article on how to check over your dog for injuries. Fortunately I have only had a few situations when my dog might have been injured by other dogs or by taking a fall. Guess I should take a dog first-aid course. Is this something they usually teach in such courses?

    • fearfuldogs on

      There is a vet in our area who offers pet first aid classes through a community college. You might find one near you as well. I would think that you would learn to do a physical survey, which is part of first aid classes for people.

      • Donna in VA on

        I checked after posting this. My library has a book on pet first aid that I will check out soon. Also the Red Cross sells a DVD and booklet of first aid for dogs that I will probably put on my Christmas wish list…..

      • Debbie Jacobs on

        Really good ideas. Let me know what you think of the resources you find.

  2. Donna in VA on

    I did get the library book “First Aid for Dogs” by Justin Wimpole (he is Australian so some if the things don’t apply in the U.S.) I also read some helpful things on the internet. The method outlined that makes sense to me is working nose to tail – and specific things to check along the way. Need to practice, but I feel a little better prepared now. The book also lists recommended items for a canine first-aid kit that I will be putting together.

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