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I am attending the BlogPaws Conference in the DC area and wondering whether I’ll make it home tomorrow night. While I’m away Nibbles is being boarded with a woman who offers home boarding. He’s been there before and it was a fabulous experience for him. He made new and continuing progress. After a few days back with me he began to display behaviors that he had been showing while boarding.

Here’s a short video of Nibs approaching me for handling. He has begun to do this more, jumping up on the bed in the morning, racing around the room trying to initiate play. He’s still wary of approaching me if I’m standing. I’ll keep giving him the chance to get used to me, whatever my posture.


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  1. Michela meier on

    Hello, I just was given a small Rat-A-Pap (Ratterrier/Papillon mix) named Macey. I was warned that she was a little “skiddish” but never expected this….. she is terrified of leashes… when I get out the leash she will run away and when I finally attach the leash, she yelps and backs away and will not move forward…. I really want to take her on walks and I am not able to take her outside to potty. She currently uses puppy pads…. but she is 2 years old and should be potty trained already. I’m unsure of her old home life. She came to me infested with fleas and her hair falling out. Her nails were so long that they curled under her feet…. I took her to the vet today and got her nails trimmed, tape worm pill (just to be safe), bought her a small Kong ball that she won’t touch, and got Frontline to help get rid of the fleas. I also purchased a small harness thinking the reason she wouldn’t take the leash was because she was uncomfortable with the collar. I guess my question is, how do you suggest I get her used to her leash? I feel so horrible for my baby girl and show her so much love but maybe she still doesn’t trust me? Help please!!

    • fearfuldogs on

      I’m only guessing but I’d say you’re probably right and that the dog is not comfortable with you yet. It can take weeks. Ignore the dog for now. Go back through blog posts and check out the videos of Nibbles to get an idea of how I worked with him to start. I don’t show the very beginning with him, but it mostly consisted of tossing him treats and giving him space.

  2. ettel on

    So good to see him making progress!

    Reminds of when I was trying to get Emma to play tug and the only time she’d take the toy was when she had her back to me. Keep moving at his pace – so good to see how far you’ve come already.

  3. JJ on

    Now that is an interesting way to get a dog to come up to you.
    There’s a neat article by a man named Lee Charles Kelley called “How to do an Alpha Roll” that this article reminds me of. =] Basically, you lie down and let the dog engage you, rather than rolling the dog around.
    In his article, he says the dogs actually become more obedient (er…willing to listen/comply might be the appropriate take on that).
    Best of luck with Nibbles. Lucky dog. ;]
    Also, have fun at BlogPaws. =]

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