Essential training for all dogs

This is another post in my series to help newly adopted dogs. You can help by ‘liking’ Pedigree’s Facebook Fan page, and/or write a post yourself and submit it here. Pedigree is donating food to shelters for each new fan and post. You’ll get some exposure yourself when your blog is added to the Blog Hop.

There are many things that dogs need to learn, but in my opinion many owners are negligent for not teaching their dog this essential skill.

Please submit a video reply to my youtube movie showing me your dog’s mastery (or not) of this ‘must have’ skill.


2 comments so far

  1. Lizzie on

    Ha! Been trying to teach Gracie to catch treats for months. Both of my other dogs catch them instinctively but Gracie doesn’t ‘get it’ at all.

    Ah well she’s good at nose work, can’t have everything 🙂

    Enjoyed the video Debbie, popcorn looked pretty good too!

    Sorry I’m not able to respond by video.

    • fearfuldogs on

      Thanks for having a look Lizzie! No worries about the video response. I’m just pleased you enjoyed the vid.

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