Shy dog seminar

sad black and white dogA fearful dog’s best chance of learning new skills and becoming more confident in the world often rests on their handler’s understanding of how fear affects a dog’s behavior. The goal of the shy dog seminar is to present information to trainers, rescuers and rehabbers so that they can respond appropriately to a dog’s behavior in any situation and continue to work toward improvement in a dog’s behavior.

Also included is information and guidance on interpreting a dog’s behavior and the techniques that can be used to help them practice appropriate skills and behaviors. Whether or not we have treats, a clicker, or other training aids we always have our brains with us (hopefully) and the more we understand about how a dog’s brain responds to triggers which cause fearful arousal, the more likely we are to respond in a productive way.

What has been accepted as common knowledge about fear based behaviors is often inaccurate and when owners and handlers base their training and responses on this information they can inadvertently make a dog’s fear based behaviors worse. Shelters, rescues and graves are full of dogs because of the mishandling of their fearful behavior.

This seminar provides 2.5 CEUs for CPDTs. Find out how you can help the trainers, owners and rescuers in your area learn more about the most humane and effective ways to help fearful dogs by emailing me at


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  1. Patty on

    I am thankful to have found your blog & web site. I have just adopted a 2 year old female Lab/Rott mix who is fearful. I have experience training my last dog up to TDI level & I love training, but I want to learn more about how I can specifically help Juneau’s fearful behaviors. She is not at a fear level that your Sunny was, but she is timid of anything unfamiliar & that includes MANY things for her. At worst, she either crouches into a ball & begins to shut down or kites at the end of a leash when scared. One thing that has already begun to help her is carrying a dog back pack. She seems to like carrying it (with a light weight added) & it seems to help her focus on the desired behavior (walking on a leash with me). Maybe you’ve already written about packs? Anyhow, I will continue to read through your very helpful material. Thank you! 🙂

    • fearfuldogs on

      Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and comment Patty. I´m glad the blog and website have been helpful to you. I have wondered if packs act like body wraps for dogs and that´s why they seem to calm them down. It´s great that you´ve found something that helps. Changing brains takes time, especially in adult dogs, but this girl sounds lucky to have landed with you.

  2. Are you offering this as an online class? I’d love to link to it from the blog, if so.

    • fearfuldogs on

      It is not an online class (yet) Roxanne. I need to sort out the technology required to make that happen, but I’d really like to make it accessible to more people.

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