Sunny solves a problem!

Here’s a link to a short video of Sunny messing around with boxes. Nosework is all the rage these days and folks have been clicking & shaping their dogs to do 101 things with a box for awhile, but Sunny has been too afraid to interact with a box. Boxes move and have moving parts, that’s enough to be of concern to Sunny. But he loves his squeaky toy and we’ve played hide & seek with it in the yard, and he loves the game. I am hoping that if Sunny can get used to interacting with a box we’ll be able to take a nosework workshop and maybe even do some free shaping exercises.

It’s just something to do.


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  1. Lizzie on

    It can be tricky finding things to do that don’t scare our dogs.

    Gracie does not like squeaky toys or toys at all really, there is very little ‘retriever’ in her. What she does like is tearing up cardboard or plastic pots. This is the only thing that seems to arouse the playfulness in her, however destructive it may appear to be. If I give her a box she’ll just tear it apart and leave me to pick the bits up! She has soft toys on her bed but ignores them and has never even had them in her mouth let alone take bits out of them.
    I have learnt that dogs don’t generalise, just because she will do one thing in the utility room it does not follow that she will repeat that behaviour in the kitchen. She has also learnt to pick up one certain object for a reward/treat but if I ask her to go get a different one she becomes confused.

    Today for the first time she took a piece of cheese from my husband’s hand. He has been sitting with her whilst she’s been on her bed, stroking and talking to her whilst offering treats, by putting them near to her but not from his hand. When he then tried with his hand, at first she turned her head away, as she always has done, but gradually she came forward and took the cheese.
    Major progress for Gracie, however, and there’s always an however, she is still behaving in the same way toward his hand when in any other room. We keep trying different things with her but she retains this fear of his hand, well him generally I assume. It seems totally illogical for her to be so affectionate and physical around me but avoids my husband at all costs.

    If only she could tell me what it is I should do to make her less scared. Ah well, wishful thinking…….

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