Sunny’s Hoarder Arrested in Vermont!

I met Sunny at The Humane Society of Louisiana’s rescue site, Camp Katrina, set up after the hurricanes in 2005. He was found at the Every Dog Needs A Home ‘sanctuary’ in Gamaliel AR, run by Tammy Hanson. At the time the authorities and HSUS arrived on the site there were 477 dogs (news reports are saying close to 600 but I think this is the information that was originally released early on before the final numbers were in). Despite being convicted on several counts of animal cruelty, Tammy failed to appear at her sentencing hearing. She along with her husband have been fugitives ever since.

Many of us with dogs from the EDNAH site and volunteers at Camp Katrina, have never forgotten about Tammy Hanson. It was assumed that she had moved to a new location and was likely hoarding dogs again. At this time the news reports do not indicate whether she was discovered with dogs here in Vermont where she was apprehended Saturday along with her husband. It might be a cause for celebration but unfortunately the punishment rarely fits the crime when it comes to animal abuse, and it rarely stops or prevents the hoarder from collecting animals again once they are released or pay a fine. Some towns will only ban a hoarder from owning any animals in their county, so hoarders simply move to a different one.

It might also be a cause for celebration except that right now in almost every town across the country there are animals living in over crowded or just flat-out inhumane, disgusting conditions. Chronic hoarders are mentally ill and need more help than is available to them or is ever required by law after their convictions. I may not be celebrating but I am glad to hear that Tammy Hanson has been arrested and at least for the short time she may be in jail, no dogs will be forced to live in the conditions Sunny grew up in.

You can read more and see a short slide show at this website:


3 comments so far

  1. barrie on

    That is wonderful!!

  2. Tara on

    I just got a new pitbull puppy 2 days ago.
    Shes 4 months old.
    She done ok the first day but lastnight and all day today she wont get off the couch to eat or even go outside to go potty.
    I have to carry her outside to go potty and then she wont go.
    She just stands at my feet and whimpers.
    She wont follow me when i try to walk through the yard and get her to walk around and sniff and go potty.
    I also have to carry her to her food bowl.
    Shell drink water and take maybe 3 little bites of her food and then she runs back to the couch.
    This is very frustrating for me.
    Nothing has happened to scare her so i just dont understand.
    PLZ HELP!!!!

    • fearfuldogs on

      If you like I do offer phone/skype consults.

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