Way More Fun Than Photos

I have been shooting videos of Sunny since he started being able to engage with the world. Prior to that I rarely took pictures of him, it just wasn’t worth scaring him for it. Now of course I wish I did have some footage of him living in his corner, rather than just few grainy photos shot indoors without a flash (thought it would scare him). You can find some videos about Sunny on this blog but I have also created a page at http://12seconds.tv/channel/fearfuldogs with more.

The clips on this page can only be 12 seconds long, and I love that. I have been editing out 12 second clips of dog behavior that I think that you will find interesting. And if you don’t find it interesting, you’ve only wasted 12 seconds.

Check it out and while you’re there you can also visit my other 12 second page at



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