Cute? I don't think so!

Cute? I don't think so!

This image has been zipping around the internet connected to a group of other ‘cute’ pet pictures. The others, kittens shredding rolls of toilet paper, cats sleeping on dogs, and the like, do have their smile appeal, but this one!?

Who is taking this picture? Mom? Dad? Grandma? Sure little Cindy Lou Who is happy, bless her heart she likes dogs, but the pup? Check out the body language on this poor thing. And we wonder why dogs bite kids.

2 comments so far

  1. KGarner on

    I AGREE – THIS IS NOT CUTE. It’s a great example of bad parenting and of people who should not own pets AND don’t know what is appropriate to photograph and share. Oh how I feel sorry for these innocent helpless animals that belong to idiots like this.

  2. fearfuldogs on

    What surprised me was how often I was sent the email, by animal lovers of course, and no one mentioned that this dog was not having a good time of it.

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