The Lesser Evil

Last night my scared boy Sunny came slinking up the stairs to join John and I in the loft. This is not something Sunny does on his own. Apparently he decided that being in the same room with John was the lesser of two evils. The other being in the same room with the crated bratty aussie pup. I may have to adopt that dog!


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  1. Dianna on

    We have a “scaredy cat ” dog we adopted from our local shelter last year . He was going to be put down because of heart-worm , but our friends and family raised the money and we ended up with a gorgeous long-haired brindle young male dog . Beautiful and ..scared . When he started to feel better we quickly realized he was not like our other shelter dog , a well-adjusted lab we adopted as a puppy whose only fear is thunderstorms . Lucky is scared of the dark and will rarely go outside at night , even if he has been crated for 6 or 7 hours ..he will hold it until the morning light. But your lesser evil blog is funny because he WILL go outside if we all do at night , apparantly , being left behind is even worse. I sometimes wish there was a way I could see into his past and where he was and what happened to him, it’s like every day is a new experience . We had both dogs in group obedience training but Lucky started showing aggression with other dogs , even though at home he runs from the family cat . We are thinking he may always be “special ” and may not get that AKC Good Citizen award we are striving for with our other dog Cesar , but I am so glad I stumbled onto your website ! Our trainer also has us reading a book ..Click to Calm , using clicker training to help with fear also .

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